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HGU is an attractive campus with modern infrastructure in a central location at Silicon Valley. HGU strives to meet all the needs of today’s students. This includes easy access, good transportation connections and access to banking, basic shopping facilities and other essentials.

Many students rely on their private cars to get to study. Therefore, HGU provides ample parking area within the campus. The classrooms are fully equipped with projectors, furniture, PCs, television sets, and centralized air conditioning. HGU campus has classrooms to accommodate 40 - 50 students per class, and computer rooms with 50 PCs. HGU have a good Cafeteria, a Sports room and a Library with a good collection of necessary text and resources.

Students can choose from the programs the HGU offers depending on student’s field of study. HGU offers Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS), Master of Science in Electronics Engineering (MSEE), and Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

HGU’s objective is to provide advanced computer, engineering, and business administration training to those who wish to practice with increased competence in high technology electronics, IT industries, and commercial enterprises. It also strives to develop student’s skills in a chosen concentration of study for future careers and decision-making capabilities.


Our faculty maintains leading edge programs with current technologies so that students become globally competitive. Please visit our HGU Faculty page.




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