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Philosophy, Goal, Mission, & Objectives
The University believes that students and educators are to be held equally accountable for the quality of their interaction, and the responsibility for learning must be shared by all individuals involved in the educational circle. It is our responsibility to aid in the development of responsible citizens by maintaining an up-to-date and relevant curriculum in order to achieve the knowledge base and skills required in an ever-changing society. 

To become the University of choice for American and international students who value the nexus of diversity, learning, and employment.

Herguan University provides quality educational programs and services that appeal to local, national, and international students, that lead to meaningful employment by launching or enhancing students’ careers in business, technology or related fields of study.

• To offer a schedule of classes that is responsive to student needs. 
• To offer programs and courses that reflect industry needs in business, technology, and related fields. 
• To offer programs and courses that prepare students for their first career or that enhance their existing career.
• To continuously improve teaching, learning, and services. 
• To enable students to achieve the learning outcomes reflected in the institutional core competencies.

The Student Institutional Core Competency statements are a commitment to the students and the business/industrial communities that the faculty and staff will work with students so that their degree from Herguan University will represent knowledge, skills, and attitudes reflected in the core competency areas. The Core competencies, when fulfilled, will lead to the realization of the institution’s mission.

To Demonstrate Subject-Matter Expertise
Students will demonstrate acquisition of knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study, appropriate to their degree, at a level that prepares them for employment or enhances their employment in business and industry, meeting or exceeding employer expectations.

To Think Critically
Students will analyze issues and arguments, create and test models, solve problems, evaluate ideas, estimate and predict outcomes based on underlying principles relative to a particular discipline; interpret business and scientific works, utilize symbols and symbolic systems, apply qualitative and quantitative analysis; verify the reasonableness of conclusions; explore alternatives, acknowledge differing perspectives and adapt ideas and methods to new situations.

To Communicate Effectively
Students will express themselves clearly, thoughtfully, and logically in dialogue, discussion and in writing, paying attention to audience, situation and cross-cultural context. 

To Practice Information Literacy
Students will identify appropriate resources and technologies to search, retrieve, and use information while understanding the social, legal, and ethical issues for information and its use.

To Express Global Awareness
Students will recognize they are members of a local and global community.  They will respect social and cultural diversity, and understand the role of American business and technology in global commerce.

To Behave Responsibly and Ethically
Students will choose behaviors and make decisions in a manner that reflects their appreciation and understanding of their legal and ethical responsibilities in a professional environment.

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