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  • Low Cost University ($295 per unit)
  • Flexible Scheduling – Two Starts Each Term (Fall 2013)
  • Immediate CPT Available to Those Who Qualify
  • New Student Welcome Party, July 27
  • HGU Graduation Ceremony - August 17 (Saturday) 11.00am

Fall Term starts Sept 16, 2013. Enroll now! ggggg1 for schedule of classes.


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ARE YOU A WINNER? Come show your stuff! Table tennis and pool tournament.

July 20-21 and another on 27-28. Interested? Meet either Saturday in Student Lounge at 11:30."

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Herguan University is excited to announce that we signed a memorandum of understanding with All One Quantum Energy Research, a NASA partner, to cooperate and collaborate in research and development on the following:
• Herguan Computer Software • Herguan Management Systems
• Herguan Education


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Student Service Department of HGU will provide comprehensive assistance to the prospective and current students and graduates, including but not limited to campus orientation, job placement assistance and student activities.  


HGU is announcing the newly formed HGU graduate Student Association Leadership Committee (SLC). The last meeting was held in Spring 2013.  We are always looking for volunteers.  Please let folks in the Admission office know if you are interested in serving.  Meetings occur once or twice during the term.  Students provide ideas and input to the administration and accreditation process. plan student activities, and serve in other ways.  We know time is limited so you can do more or less depending on your availability.
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Competitions at HGU campus for the students are held at Herguan University very often. Students are requested to participate in extra-curricular activities. Our motto is to bring the hidden talent among all of the student community at Herguan to the forefront.
The Memo is designed to keep faculty, staff, and students abreast of campus activities, announcements, and upcoming events during the academic year.
Herguan University picture gallery have the album for all the events conducted for students or any seminars, and sessions.

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