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President's Message

Dear Reader ,

As we begin the twenty-first century, education is undergoing great changes, merging with the Information Superhighway.

Innovations in technology and communications have enabled the educational sector to expand its realm in providing education to a wider range of students in extensive geographic areas.


Herguan University is dedicated to utilizing the latest technologies in its efforts to bring the best possible education to students all over the world.

We seek to challenge our students and, in doing so, provide them with the services and opportunities necessary to enable them to successfully complete their respective degree programs.

The name of the University comes from the Chinese words “core” (her) and “gate” (guan). We believe that you are the core and the knowledge you gain will open the gates to wonderful opportunities.

The objective of Herguan University is to strengthen the educational foundation and stimulate the professional careers of individuals who are eager to grasp the opportunities of tomorrow’s job market.

Welcome to Herguan University!

Dr. Ying Qiu Wang. PhD, OMD, MD (China)
President, Herguan University



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