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Why HGU?
Herguan University provides you as students insight into the energy and force within you as unique individuals that can be released through expanded knowledge and skills gained through graduate studies at Herguan University. The University provides you as students with the opportunity to specialize in a concentration of your choice so that you can be more competitive in the job market with in-depth knowledge in your discipline. HGU emphasizes personal development and trains students to commit to life-long learning through a variety of technologies and research tools that students can utilize to apply to new situations. HGU encourages students to be active in professional organizations and provides students with a strong academic advising program as well as career planning workshops. Our faculty maintain leading edge programs with current technologies so that students become globally competitive. The University is located in an excellent location in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Why Choose HGU?

Excellent location in Silicon Valley.
Excellent faculty with business and industry experience
Affordable tuition fee
Admissions/I-20’s issued.
Excellent staff to provide services to the students
On-campus work opportunities
Assistance with Job and career planning

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