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HGU is located in the heart of Silicon Valley offering students with good and safe means of transportation. Our school is well-connected with high frequency of VTA Bus and Bart services. HGU provides students with/in association with VTA annual bus pass at a discounted and very affordable/economical cost, which allows students travel either by VTA Bus, VTA Cal train and VTA Light rail anywhere within the Santa Clara County without extra cost.

Our student services deptartment. has designed the process of obtaining the Bus Pass hassle free by just submitting a application and your passport size picture. If the students do not have a picture ready they can get the picture taken at the school at no extra cost.

HGU also provides parking spaces for free for students who travel by their vehicles, please contact student services department to discuss about your class schedule and availability of parking spaces.

Click the below link to be re-directed to VTA route schedule:

How to apply for the bus pass



595 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 | Tel (408) 481 9988 | Fax (408) 749 1111/636 7705 | Click here for VTA bus route

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