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Tuition & Fees

Estimated Semester Cost of Tuition for a Full-Time Student is $2,655.***
(Based on a graduate student taking 9 units per semester)

Courses                 $295/unit
Repeat / Audit       $295/unit
Prerequisite            $195/unit
Laboratory (if a Lab involved)         $125/course
ESL (15 weeks course)    $2,000 Flat fee

Other Fees and Expenses **:
Application      $50
Registration Fee    $50/semester
CPT Processing Fee:  $178.00 if student is on break (register for Internship course, 0.5 units)
CPT Processing Fee: $100.00 if student is registering for full load (register for Internship course, 2.0 units)
Student Association Fee     $50
Installment Payment Fee     $50
Graduation      $250
(Includes ceremony and diploma)
Change Major/Program      $30
Add/Drop Course              $25
Transfer in Credit               $30/course
Returned Check                 $20/check
Challenge Exam                 $150/unit
Late/retake Exam               $50/course
Replacement/Duplicate Diploma    $75
Replacement for Student ID           $20
English Placement Examination       $50
Late Registration I        $50/semester
(After registration deadline, continuing student only, student are required to pay both registration fee and late registration I fee)
Late Registration II        $100/semester
(After classes begin, continuing student only, student are required to pay both registration fee and late registration II fee)
Late Registration III       $150/semester
(After add/drop without records, continuing student only, student are required to pay both registration fee and late registration III fee)
OPT Extension Service             $35
Int’l Student Transfer-out Fee   $150
(Exclude HGU alumni)
Rush Service                  $50
(Same day document processing)
Transcript Copies          $10/copy
Other Late Fee              $50
Sent by USPS

Priority Domestic Mail          $30 per copy
Priority International Mail      $40 per copy

*   Tuition fees are refundable, subject to restrictions
** Non-refundable fees
All fees are subject to change.

All International students are required to purchase and maintain a health insurance plan. The cost is estimated at   $337 per 4 months.

Textbook are estimated at    $75-$150 per book.

Please observe deadlines to avoid late fee charges. All late fees are $50 except if otherwise specified.

International student special service fees are specified on request forms.

***It is estimated that it will cost about $13,100 USD to graduate from HGU.  This is based on $2,620 per semester and four semesters to graduate not including the various fees and books. $2,620 X 4 = $10,620 plus fees and books ~ $13,100.  Additionally this does not include housing, food, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses, which will be additional.  Because of all the variables, HGU does not take payment in full for all the courses all at once. Students are to pay for their program each semester. 

Classes frequently fill up very fast. If a student has not paid his/her fees and there are other students on the waiting list for a course, the student will be dropped from the course and priority will be given to students who pay their fees.

Notice: All students must pay the university the applicable costs associated with school attendance (i.e., semester tuition, other required fees) at the time of registration, unless the student and university agree in writing to a tuition payment plan. Students whose accounts are more than seven days past due are automatically dropped from classes. Students who fail to fulfill the financial arrangements agreed upon are suspended from the university and may reenter only upon full payment of the delinquent portion of their account plus fees/fine unless the University has agreed in writing to a different payment arrangement. No grades or documents will be released if there is an outstanding balance. The University may refuse any type of service to students who have an outstanding balance. A monthly $50 late fee will be charged to the student until his/her financial obligation is fulfilled. The University may also refuse re-admission to a student who has left the University with an outstanding balance. 


Installment Payment Plan form


Refund Policy:
Students have the right to cancel their enrollment and obtain a refund by providing written notice to the Director of Finance. The effective date of termination is either the postmarked date or the date established by the signature of the Director. Verbal or phone requests will not be honored.

Students have the right to a full refund of all charges (except for the application fee, registration fee and other non-refundable charges), if they cancel the agreement prior to, or on, the first day of instruction. Students dropping a course after classes have begun but before the ninth week (or 60% of instruction) will receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of the tuition and other refundable charges. Students who drop a class after the ninth meeting (or 60% of instruction) of the class will not be eligible for any tuition refund. An additional 2% deduction will be applied to refunds for tuition/fees paid by credit cards. Books, textbooks and other materials purchased by the student at the University’s Bookstore are the property of that student. The University will neither accept return of purchased materials, nor make refunds for services.

Students will receive a full refund of any course that has been cancelled by HGU. Refunds will be paid within 30 days of cancellation or withdrawal.

Refund Chart:
Based on the date of withdrawal, the percentage of tuition fee is refundable.

Date of Withdrawal % of tuition refundable
1st Day of Class
Day two of Class through Week One
Beginning of Week Two
Beginning of Week Three
Beginning of Week Four
Beginning of Week Five
Beginning of Week Six
Beginning of Week Seven
Beginning of Week Eight
Beginning of Week Nine
Beginning of Week Ten

There is NO refund beginning week Ten.



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